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off the plan

Ask Michael Anything [video] – Where is best place to buy an off the plan apartment?

There has certainly been no shortage of off the plan apartments lately – but are they a good investment?  And if you were to buy this type of property where should you buy it? This week watch Michael discuss the pros and cons of buying off the plan properties, particularly in apartment oversupplied suburbs. This week’s question:…

property purchase money

Ask Michael Anything [video] – How to buy property on an average income?

Is having a property portfolio just a far fetched dream, or does everyone have a chance of achieving it? This week watch Michael discuss how the average income owner can achieve their property portfolio dream. This week’s question:  Hi Michael, I’ve seen couples featured in the magazines who’ve accumulated large property portfolios bit I seem to be having trouble getting…

house property

Ask Michael Anything [video] – Why is Michael Yardney biased towards property investment?

When it comes to investment, there are a lot of options, yet it could seem Michael Yardney sees Property as the best option of all – but why? This week watch Michael discuss his reasoning behind choosing property as an investment. This week’s question: Michael, you seem very biased towards property investment. Do you invest…