Americans think more about money than their jobs, health & love lives [infographic]

Americans think about money more than almost anything else, according to the 2015 Life + Money Survey conducted by GOBankingRates.


And if truth be told, it’s probably the same here in Australia where many people still struggle with basic money skills like sticking to a budget, leaving them in fear of always living paycheque to paycheque.

Here’s what people say are their biggest financial challenges, from the most common to the least:

  • Sticking to a budget: 20%
  • Planning for retirement: 20%
  • Paying for higher education: 15%
  • Saving up an emergency fund: 13%
  • Saving for a home: 12%
  • Paying off credit cards: 12%
  • Building an investment portfolio: 8%

Of course people’s biggest financial challenge often reflects their stage of life.

For instance, one in three baby boomers say their biggest financial challenge is planning for retirement — and baby boomers are five times more concerned with this than young millennials, whereas young millennials struggle with paying for higher education three times as much as boomers.


Source: GoBankingRates


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