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Apartment oversupply in capital cities, while 1.5% cash rate remains at a standstill

For the first time this year, the Reserve Bank met to discuss monetary policy direction and decided to leave the cash rate at 1.5%.  But the property market may be influenced by other factors, such as apartment oversupply, according to In the lead up to today’s meeting, all 32 experts and economists from the…

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Wake up Australia!

The problem facing the Australian economy in 2017 is the absurd ‘official’ measurement of unemployment. The true level of real unemployment and under-employment is under-reported. This is having a major impact on our policy settings and shows just how divorced our politicians have become from the reality.  The same sentiment applies to the Reserve Bank…


What’s the real value of your smashed avocado?

How many hipster breakfasts could your property buy you? Asks…  Graham Cookes, – Insights Blog There has been a lot of discussion across the media recently following Bernard Salt bemoaning the gall of millennials spending $22 a pop on “smashed avocado with crumbled feta on five-grain toasted bread” rather than saving for a home…

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