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Two in five Australians don’t trust their phone for money matters

Two in five Australians wouldn’t buy goods or pay their bills through a smartphone app, according to  While the take-up of mobile apps is growing exponentially, two in five Aussies still feel uncomfortable purchasing things via their smartphone. A survey of 2,006 Australians found 41% of respondents don’t feel comfortable using a phone…


Avoid Property Spruikers and Most Investment Seminars

Consumer regulators across Australia are warning would be investors against ‘Dodgy’ property spruikers running get-rich-quick seminars. Consumer advocates are concerned people are being pressured into dodgy deals selling properties at the back of the seminar room and or those push rent-to-buy housing schemes. Australian Consumer Law outlines some of the warning signs to look out for and includes…


Love, actuarially: upcoming brides and grooms both expect marriage will deliver financial gains

Holy matrimoney! Roy Morgan Research reveals that affianced Australians are the most fiscally optimistic group in the country, with the majority anticipating being better off financially by this time next year. Whether it’s about merged assets, tax breaks, doubled household income, halved rent or mortgage, a forthcoming cash bonus from family and friends, or simply…

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