low interest rates

Can Australia stop interest rates from approaching zero? Only with a big shift in policy

While Australia faces its greatest economic challenges in a generation, we are still waiting for the greatest economic reformers in a generation to arrive, writes… Reuben Finighan, University of Melbourne Australian Treasurer Scott Morrison recently suggested the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) avoid cutting interest rates below the current 1.5%.  The Turnbull government’s “fiscal consolidation”,…

property purchase money

Ask Michael Anything [video] – How to buy property on an average income?

Is having a property portfolio just a far fetched dream, or does everyone have a chance of achieving it? This week watch Michael discuss how the average income owner can achieve their property portfolio dream. This week’s question:  Hi Michael, I’ve seen couples featured in the magazines who’ve accumulated large property portfolios bit I seem to be having trouble getting…

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