Ticking time bomb for “Off The Plan” Property Investors | Michael Yardney [podcast]

In a quite alarming story, thousands of investors face financial ruin because they won’t be able to settle the off-the-plan apartments they signed up to buy. In a recent Real Estate Talk show Michael Yardney, from Metropole Property Strategists, tells us about the ticking time bomb for “Off The Plan” Property Investors that could see thousands of…

Property Investment

11 Common complaints I hear from property investors – Metropole Property Strategists

I’ve often said that most property investors “fail.” Fifty percent of those who buy an investment property sell up in the first 5 years and A.T.O Statistics show that of those who stay in the game: 73% of property investors (1,284,852) only own one investment property 18% of investors (318,295) own two investment properties 5%…

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