The Great Australian Dream is shrinking


Rising land costs and a marked drop in demand for new homes has forced builders to take drastic measures as they slash the size of house blocks, along with square footage, in an attempt to reign in mounting construction costs.

According to a Bloomberg article Australia’s biggest listed new home builder, Stockland, has cut the average size of house and land package plots by almost 20 per cent over the past three years, to 481 square metres.

Large development consortiums Australand Property Group get link and Peet Ltd get link are following suit, with the former designing more compact homes and the latter building on shrinking parcels of land within its new housing estates and asking buyers to trade big backyards for shared barbecue and exercise areas. [Read more...]

Should latest jobs figures cause us to fear a recession?


We’ve all heard the saying, “Pride comes before a fall”, and there’s no denying that Australia has been basking in the glow of its relative economic glory for some time now.

But have we been a bit too boastful about our financial health on the global stage? [Read more...]

Brisbane’s growth spurt will outpace the rest of world

house price increase

As Australia’s resources boom puts Brisbane on the map and sees demand for Queensland based labour intensify, it’s hardly surprising that the Sunshine State’s capital is set for rapid expansion between now and 2020.

The question is; what will it mean for the local property market, which has famously had its fair share of ups and downs in recent times?

According to an article in the Brisbane Times, market analysts Jones Lang LaSalle ranked Brisbane number one for expected gross domestic product (GDP) growth over the next 8 years in their study, A New World of Cities: Redefining the Real Estate Investment Map. [Read more...]

Cashed up would-be homebuyers continue to proceed with caution


We Australians can be an impulsive lot.

Particularly when it comes to home loans and whether we choose to fix interest rates or take our chances with the going variable rate of the day.

More often than not, a large percentage of homeowners jump on the fixed rate wagon when it’s too late; just after the Reserve Bank starts pushing rates up to keep inflation in check. [Read more...]

Sydney property investors enjoy growing rental returns


The latest Australian Property Monitors Rental Report will come as no surprise to Sydney locals trapped in the rental roundabout and continuing to fork out exorbitant costs as tenants. 

For property investors, being a harbor city landlord is becoming increasingly lucrative, with median weekly house rents rising by 1 per cent in the December quarter alone. [Read more...]

Has the property market bottomed? Who cares!

If like many property investors you’re asking has the property market bottomed – you’re asking the wrong question!

Over the last week I’ve had a number of questions from the media and even more from clients asking me what’s going on in property and how much further will property values fall.

I guess this is because the latest figures came out showing that median house price are flat in some parts of Australia and still falling in others.

So I thought I’d give you my take on it and I’m sure not everyone will agree with me. [Read more...]

200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes


This 5 minute video is really worth watching as statistics come to life when Swedish academic superstar Hans Rosling graphically illustrates global development over the last 200 years.

One of the most fascinating videos I’ve seen in a while

[Read more...]

Our Chinese neighbours are turning to Australian property investment


Asia’s wealthy population is increasingly turning to the Australian property market for investment opportunities, hoping to park their money in a more stable, long-term haven than what’s on offer closer to home.

Speaking to Property Observer, head of Melbourne based residential developer Pan Urban Mr Morry Schwartz, says Chinese buyers see our housing market as a more secure option than that of mainland China. [Read more...]

Rents on the rise

Rents in Australia’s some sought-after suburbs have increased by up to 13 per cent in the last year.

Tenants are paying up to $60 a week more for accommodation than they were 12 months ago, according to figures released by RUN Property

But it’s not like that everywhere…. [Read more...]

Sydney is one of the world’s most expensive cities.

Once again Sydney has again been named Australia’s most expensive city in terms of cost of living.

This year Sydney has been ranked the seventh most expensive city in the world when the Economist Intelligence Unit   ranked 130 cities for cost of living Last year it came in in sixth place. [Read more...]


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