10 Things You Need To Know About Time Management [VIDEO]

Some people just seem to manage their time better than others. 

In this 5 minute video I explain the 10 simple things that organised people are doing differently.

See how quickly following these principles could change your life.

Advice from the organised and efficient:

1. Successful people manage their time better  

2. Time management reduces stress

3. Delegation is the key

4. Say ‘no’ to time wasting events

5. Write a nightly to do list for the next day

6. Get up one hour earlier

7. Learn to focus

8. Adopt the 80/20 rule

9. Keep the balance/find me time

10. Be truly present wherever you are

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Wayne is a best selling author and Australia's own TOP GUN Sales Coach. He is an in-demand speaker on sales, negotiating and sales management.

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